Card fraud victim’s warning to shoppers

Wendy Mair whose card was cloned in Whitby''w132012b
Wendy Mair whose card was cloned in Whitby''w132012b

A pensioner has spoken of her shock after discovering her bank account was emptied of cash by card thieves.

Wendy Mair ( 66) from Burton on Trent regularly visits Whitby to see her brother and sister who live in the town.

After drawing out cash using her Halifax cashcard during her most recent trip at the cashpoint at Whitby’s Co-op in New Quay Road, she discovered that her account had no funds in and £300 had been withdrawn including her pension.

She believes after using the machine that her card was cloned and said there is evidence that a camera had been stuck to the machine to film people putting in their pin numbers.

“I went to get some cash as my pension had been paid in and it came up insufficient funds.

“I panicked and went straight into the Halifax branch at Burton upon Trent.

“I felt very vulnerable as this is my money.

“I would like to warn people to be careful and that this is happening in Whitby.”

After the bank had investigated it agreed to refund Ms Mair the funds and has offered her compensation.

She added: “I spoke to the manager at the Whitby branch and she said she knew the Co-op machine had been targeted by thieves and that it was under surveillance.”

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: Although we are aware of the incident we’re not investigating it. The bank’s security department are conducting enquiries.

A spokeswoman for Halifax would not comment on the incident specifically but said: “Any Halifax customers that think they may have been affected should contact us either in branch or by phone.”

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “This is an alarming incident which has distressed the victim. I urge people using cash machines to remain vigilant. If they see anything which appears to be out of the ordinary, they should avoid using the machine and report it to the bank straight away.”

No one from the C0-op had responded to requests for a comment before going to press.