Burglary shock at birthday darts bash


A PARTY of Whitby women were robbed while they celebrated a 35th birthday with some of the world’s best dart players.

Between 10-12 January Michelle Booth, of Anchorage Way, was attending the Lakeside BDO World Professional Darts Championships in Surrey with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday.

The party could not believe their luck when they found themselves in the players’ lounge at the event, drinking with their idols and even challenging a few of them to a game of darts.

Little did they know, an unknown intruder had broken into their rooms and stolen a number of personal items.

Michelle, who is a member of the Rifle Club’s darts team, said: “It was a bit surreal.

“We had asked where we could go for another drink and they said ‘you need to be in the player’s lounge’ – we couldn’t believe it.

“There was no one in there at first, then players, wives and girlfriends started coming in.

“We met loads of players and you wouldn’t imagine being able to sit and drink with the players and their wives, but they’re just normal people.”

When Emma Collings, who works with Michelle at the White House Hotel, went back to her room, she found that three of their rooms had been broken into.

She said: “I went back for my bank card to get more money out and there was glass everywhere.

“There was quite a few bits taken, like my laptop and credit cards.”

Emma reported the burglary to the manager, who she said “was there in a flash”, despite being 82, and the late hour.

He instructed the girls to return to the party while he stood guard and waited for the police, and Emma added: “Once they found out that we got burgled, the hotel and all the players were fantastic.

“They bent over backwards for us.”

Michelle added that the group refused to let the theft ruin their celebrations and said that it “didn’t put her off one bit”, so she hopes to go back again next year.