Booze fuelled beach parties cause misery

Whitby Beach problems with youths parties.Picture Richard Ponter 132926
Whitby Beach problems with youths parties.Picture Richard Ponter 132926

The caretaker of a row of six holiday cottages on Whitby’s Henrietta Street has slammed youths who are stealing furniture from gardens and burning it on Tate Hill beach at drunken parties.

The young people aged from their mid teens to early twenties are holding parties on the beach most nights as the weather hots up.

But the 41-year-old who asked not be named for fear of reprisals said the yobs are ruining people’s holidays with their drunken behaviour as well as causing criminal damage.

Last Sunday night, teenager stole a bench and four chairs from one of the six East Cliff Cottages and set them on fire. They also pulled a fence down pulling a small wall down in the process.

The £1,000 worth of damage was discovered the next morning and was reported to police by the caretaker who said the cottage’s owners, who are themselves on holiday, were shocked and upset.

He said: “There have been gangs of kids who have been coming down, we presume local kids, who have been coming up from the beach onto private land stealing patio furniture and setting it on fire.

“They have also taken a fence out of a couple of them.

“It has been happening for years but it has got worse and is happening every weekend now and most nights.

“It’s upsetting for the visitors and the groups are leaving broken glass bottles on the beach.

“It’s a shame, it’s a nice beach. It’s not going to give the town a good name.

“The police are doing a good job every time we phone them and they do come down. I think they need to do regular patrols down there.”

The local resident added he had also heard the youths had been stealing cardboard left for recycling and have set that alight too.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police is urging anyone who sees people causing criminal damage to report it as soon as they see it happening.