Crime falls say police but burglaries continue

Burglars have targeted Alfleda Terrace'w141805c'Picture by Scott Wicking
Burglars have targeted Alfleda Terrace'w141805c'Picture by Scott Wicking

Burglaries have once again blighted Whitby this week, despite North Yorkshire Police claiming a major victory in the fight against crime.

Opportunist thieves gained entry to a row of former Victorian jetworkers’ cottages on Aelfleda Terrace, while items were also taken in burglaries elsewhere in the town.

Crimes such as these have been on the rise in Whitby, with police suggesting that the poor economy has forced people to resort to desperate measures, while a mild winter enabled access to rural locations under cover of darkness.

In contrast, figures released by the Government this week show that North Yorkshire Police and its partner agencies have continued to reduce overall crime levels .

Across the entire county these was a reduction in domestic burglaries of 5 per cent, while numbers of thefts dropped by 2 per cent.

North Yorkshire Police chief constable is Dave Jones said: “I am satisfied with the latest crime figures which demonstrate that the plans we have in place are working effectively, building on the success of recent years.

“We are determined to maintain the pressure on criminals so residents can not only be safe but also feel safe.”

In recent months burglaries have been reported at the Lucky Duck shop on Sandgate and Wilf Noble’s Building Supplies in Ruswarp. A goat was stolen from Mickleby, while a 92-year-old man came face to face with intruders at his home in Stakesby. Despite these and a number of other burglaries in Whitby and the surrounding region, North Yorkshire continues to boast the lowest crime rate in the country.

Police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan, said: “Maintaining North Yorkshire’s status as the safest county in England will be tough, especially being surrounded by seven counties with higher crime rates. I am confident that the chief constable has plans to fight crime and anti-social behaviour.”

But police are issuing less and less information about crimes and the Whitby Gazette has asked the commissioner to release more information.