Councillors set for toilet sit-down

A NEW toilet facility on the east side of Whitby is set to be the topic for discussion at an upcoming meeting of representatives from the town council, harbour board and Scarborough Borough Council.

An outstanding kitty of £109,000, dedicated to improving the harbour and immediate surrounding area, is available and the town council debated using approximately £50,000 of this to provide much-needed toilet facilities.

Coun Wynne Jones said: “We don’t want bog standard toilets.

“I go into many toilets and I’m very keen to spend quite a lot of time discussing this.

“Obviously cost is a big factor but I think we should take our time and be really proud of those toilets.

“There are even national awards for toilets.”

At a full meeting of Whitby Town Council on Tuesday (5 July) Ken Graham and John Dickinson were appointed to attend the meeting.

The council also proposed that John Whitton, of the Harbour Users’ Group, should attend.