Councillor named as next mayor

The borough's new mayor, Coun John Blackburn
The borough's new mayor, Coun John Blackburn

THE current deputy mayor will be made mayor of the borough in May.

Councillor John Blackburn was the only nomination and was unanimously voted for by his fellow councillors at last week’s meeting of Scarborough Borough Council.

The news follows recent reports that council officials had received no nominations for the civic role in the face of a looming election in May.

Speaking after the meeting the new mayor elect said he had been nominated after being approached by a number of people asking if he would be interested in taking the role on.

He said: “I am delighted to take it on and am very pleased with the unanimous support.

“I am delighted for Cayton because I can’t remember when we last had a mayor from Cayton.”

He added that he would have to concentrate on retaining his council seat before he could accept the honour. “It’s something for the people in the Cayton ward to decide,” he said.

“I am not being over confident. I hope to get re-elected.”

During the meeting Coun Tom Fox, the current leader of the council, said that Coun Blackburn had been nominated and the papers were being processed. The motion was seconded by Coun Godfrey Allanson.

No nominations have been announced for the role of deputy mayor.

Last month Jim Dillon, the council’s chief executive, told members of the cabinet that, at the time, there were no nominations for both civic roles.

At the time he said that it placed the council in an unsure situation and that a course of action should be in place following the May election.

In 2007 the mayor elect was Peter Bull but he failed to win a seat on the council and the role was accepted by Coun Janet Jefferson.

Four years earlier, in 2003, the mayor elect for Scarborough also lost her seat. Coun Eileen Vickers was defeated along with several well-known figures.

At the time Coun Vickers, the Labour member for Cayton, was defeated by the Conservatives.

At last month’s meeting cabinet members felt that no nominations had been received because of the imminent election and the possibility of a nominee being unsuccessful in retaining their seat on the council.

Speaking at the cabinet meeting Coun Jonathan Dixon said that it was understandable that people were holding back before making the commitment.