Council urged to act after latest toilets setback

Councillors Alf Abbot and Joe Plant outside the public toilets at Khyber Pass
Councillors Alf Abbot and Joe Plant outside the public toilets at Khyber Pass

Whitby councillor Joe Plant has urged the borough council to hurry up their efforts to improve “substandard” public conveniences in the town.

Cllr Plant and Cllr Alf Abott have been spearheading a campaign to force the local authority into renovating or relocating facilities at Khyber Pass they have branded as “disgusting.”

Yet the borough council revealed last week that the toilets would remain open for the time being after plans to relocate them fell through.

Steve Reynolds, the borough council’s environment, regulation and resilience manager explained: “We had been looking at harbourside property to relocate the toilets and had found a location but we have been informed the tenant will now be staying.

“While I wouldn’t say we have gone back to square one we are probably at square two or three.”

Responding to the latest delay in addressing the problem with the loos, Cllr Plant demanded that a solution is found “sooner rather than later”.

He added: “We have been calling for the Khyber Pass toilets to be revamped or knocked down and rebuilt for years now.

“This new delay is simply not good enough. Work needs to be done urgently and this situation needs addressing now.”

Councillors Plant and Abbot believe that the problems with the conveniences extend beyond cosmetic issues.

They fear that the toilets have become a health and safety risk.

The pair have highligted concerns with a dip in the building’s roof in addition to the way the brickwork and paintwork look, problems with the windows and how the toilets smell.

“These conveniences have been in an awful condition for long enough yet all we’re hearing from the council is that there are a number of options on the table,” Cllr Plant added.

“We need much more than this but, worryingly, this latest development does not fill you with confidence that anything is actually going to be done.”

Echoing the comments of his fellow Whitby councillors, Mike Ward recently described the facilities at Khyber Pass as a “disgrace” and said that they brought shame to the town.