Council to discuss seagull issue

Councillors are meeting to discuss action against seagulls
Councillors are meeting to discuss action against seagulls

Borough councillors are meeting with regard Whitby’s gluttonous gulls, after the public demanded action.

They will discuss the issue at Scarborough Town Hall on Monday September 22.

It follows a Yorkshire Regional Newspapers poll which found the overwhelming majority of readers want something done about the birds.

And with traders claiming it’s been the worst summer yet for divebombing gulls on the seafront, a pair of councillors vowed to raise the issue at Scarborough Town Hall.

One of those is gull campaigner Coun Andrew Jenkinson, who said: “I’m pleased that the council are finally going to at least talk about this.

“But I just hope it’s taken seriously this time, as in the past every time it’s been discussed, it’s been sort of laughed at.

“But ask anybody on the street, and they will tell you this is one of the biggest issues in the borough, and it’s only getting worse so something desperately needs to be done and quickly.”

The council had carried out a survey to see what type of gulls are in the borough, and where they mainly nest, in order to get a “clearer understanding” of the local gull population.

That information is to be fed back to councillors through a presentation at the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Meeting, at 2pm on Monday.

Despite the public’s support for some form of action, red tape has historically tied the council’s hands.

But despite the “complex” laws that stop a cull, this hasn’t stopped local campaigners from setting up an e-petition calling for a change in legislation.

It has however only received 71 signatures - 99,929 short of the amount needed to force Parliament to discuss the possibility of change.