Council tax is frozen for another year

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A COUNCIL tax freeze will be in force for 2013/14 following a vote - and heated debate - by Scarborough borough councillors.

The issue, which came under the spotlight at last Friday’s full council meeting at the Town Hall, was subject to a lengthy discussion as councillors locked horns over the recommendation.

The freeze was passed by 34 votes to seven, with those against arguing that a rise of 1.95 per cent was the better option.

Green party councillor Dilys Cluer voted against the freeze, saying: “We can’t always have our cake and eat it, and we must stress that the increase proposed would be little more than a penny a day for the average council tax payer and almost nothing for the poorest, who receive help with it.”

The increase would have brought in an extra £88,000 to bolster council funds throughout 2013/14.

However, the majority of councillors argued that an increase would be unacceptable.

West Cliff borough coun Joe Plant said: “We’re elected by the people to look after them and they come first and foremost.”