Council survey seeks solution to gull issue

A solution is still being sought to Whitby's seagull problem
A solution is still being sought to Whitby's seagull problem

A task force set up to tackle troublesome birds in the borough is asking people to take part in a survey.

The borough council is asking residents and businesses to give their opinions on the problems being caused by nuisance herring gulls and kittiwakes in Whitby.

Over recent years there have been growing numbers of incidents where birds have taken food from people in the town and even injuring them as they get more and more aggressive.

It is hoped that the survey, ordered by the Overview and Scrutiny task group, will identify practical, effective, affordable and sustainable measures that could help reduce the problems.

Anyone taking part in the survey will be given background information about the current legal restrictions in force applying to control.

But, control can be used where there is a proven risk to public health and safety and that is where the council is requiring information about incidents.

The borough council says it is working with limited finances so solutions have to be cost effective.

It also says it cannot solve the problems single-handedly so is calling on other authorities and organisations to get on board too.

Cllr Godfrey Allanson, chair of the overview scrutiny committee, told The Whitby Gazette: “We know the problems associated with herring gulls and kittiwakes are very topical with many local residents and businesses.

“We are therefore very keen to gather information from those people about the problems they encounter with the two different species.

“This information is crucial to allow us to build up a detailed picture of how our coastal communitues are affected and in turn, help inform what solutions could be introduced to help lessen the problems.”

The survey and background information are available online at or from the Policy and Protection team by calling (01723) 232323.

The survey and consultation period runs until Tuesday February 17.