Cordon bleu cooking with Whitby’s Air cadets

RAF chef Corporal Mark Clerc''w112517a'Picture: Ceri Oakes
RAF chef Corporal Mark Clerc''w112517a'Picture: Ceri Oakes
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COOKING in the middle of a field with a camping stove and freeze dried, pre-packed food might not sound like a fine dining experience.

But as local air cadets discovered it doesn’t have to be stomach churning.

At one of their weekly meetings behind Caedmon School RAF chef Corporal Mark Clerc dropped by to give them a cooking demonstration.

The ingredients may have arrived in silver foil wrapped packets but when they were dished up they were sausages and beans for breakfast, lamb curry, beef stew and chicken supreme followed by sticky toffee pudding and custard for dessert.

Military cooking may have changed over the years from burnt pans of peas and bland potatoes but the aim is still the same - to keep cadets in top shape.

All the foods are high in protein, carbohydrates and calories making sure the cadets have plenty of energy which is constantly being burned off.

Flight Lt Nicole Cameron said: “Cadets do various activities in the field from time to time and to do the Duke of Edinburgh they need to be able to cook correctly so they don’t end up poisoning themselves.

“When the chefs go out they can be anywhere from Afghanistan to a field in Otterburn - you have to feed people on their return.

“He will show what kinds of food you can make - it is different to when you hear stories from decades ago of not nice or edible food.”