Committee ignores recommendations and gives Grosmont house go-ahead

MEMBERS of the North York Moors National Park planning committee overturned a recommendation from planning officers to refuse an application to build a house on land in Grosmont.

The application was made by Paul Garrett of Hollins Farm, Eskdaleside, Grosmont who proposed to build the house on land next to the farm.

Members of the planning committee recommended refusing the application but it was supported by Grosmont parish councillors and a petition signed by local residents.

They supported it because they said it was important that local young families should be able to stay in the village.

Planning officers said the proposed site was outside the main built up area of the village in an outlying cluster of development that was treated as open countryside.

Any new housing there would only be allowed if it met an essential need for the occupant to live in the countryside or for local occupancy.

In recommending refusing the application officers said the proposed dwelling would consolidate sporadic development in open countryside resulting in erosion of the rural character of the area. It was pointed out that Mr Garrett was presently living with his grandmother at Hollins Farm and working at Boulby potash mine but he intended to get married and he and his wife would occupy the proposed house at the farm.

Planning committee members said they recognised the housing policy but there was a lack of affordable housing which was needed for young families in the village.