'˜Coming from Whitby has set me up for an exciting life ahead'

My family comes from Whitby and I have lived here all my life. My grandparents have lived here all their lives too as has my Mum.

Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 7:00 am

Today I travel from my home in Whitby to Scarborough to college by bus and I have loved growing up in this area. I think I was lucky as I knew I wanted to study engineering quite early on and so I went Scarborough University Technical College which is linked to University of Hull, where I studied engineering alongside my GCSEs.

It was brilliant as the course 60% academic and 40% practical, with a focus on business skills. Our days there were longer than normal school day which was meant to show us that it was more like a working day.

There were also opportunities for work experience related to our studies which was helpful in showing what real work life would be like. I really enjoyed my experience there as it set me on the road to further education and motivated me to go to college to further my studies.

I then left there to continue my studies at Scarborough College to study mechanical engineering which is where I am now. My favourite part about the course is being able to get my hands dirty, getting straight in there and working on the cars, plus the tutors make it all the more fun because they can have a laugh while also making a huge input on how we do things.

I have always wanted to work in engineering as my uncle has a great job traveling the world working as a driller in places like Iceland and Kenya. This has inspired me to work hard so I can hopefully have the opportunity to have the same type of adventure travelling abroad.

I also want to work hard so I can earn my own money as I have expensive tastes in clothes and like to look good!

So alongside going to college I work at the weekends at Rusty Shears, a quirky licensed vintage tearoom in Whitby and at Dunsley Hall Hotel near Sandsend – I am the third generation of my family to work there.

My grandad has worked in the gardens and my Mum works there too. I am a sociable person and I enjoy anything that involves meeting new people. In both jobs I meet lots of tourists and visitors to our town and love finding out why they have come here and what they are interested in seeing and doing as to me it’s just home.

I am pretty sporty and enjoy going to the gym and being part of a team when I play football and rugby locally.

As a Whitby lad I am proud to say where I come from and am thankful for how it has set me up for an exciting life ahead.