Comedy novel to be set in seaside town Whitborough

Alistair lavers, author of the Whitborough novels
Alistair lavers, author of the Whitborough novels

A “joyous romp of a comedy novel” set in a seaside town modelled on Whitby and Scarborough, is to be published later this year.

Treasure Trove will be the first of a series of five books called the Whitborough novels, and revolves around a host of characters of questionable integrity and their search for ancient treasure.

It’s 1983 and Easter weekend dawns in the upmarket town of Whitborough-on-Sea, but events unfolding behind the scenes conspire to ruin any prospect of a prosperous and peaceful holiday.

A Spanish Armada treasure is discovered - and lost.

An ancient curse is reawakened and the town’s adopted ship is sunk by a civil war cannonball.

Though these incidents appear unconnected, they are the start of a wider catastrophe that befalls the authorities and the forces of law and order.

Who are the architects behind this orgy of violence, sabotage and destruction? Russian saboteurs, the IRA or local criminals?

Author Alistair Lavers, 50 says Treasure Trove is a laugh-out-loud novel that will appeal to fans of Tom Sharpe’s novels, David Croft and Jim Perry.

Treasure Trove is being published through Matador for £7.99 as an ebook and paperback and will be on sale at all the major bookstores from October 17.

The first 500 will be a limited edition run with gold lettering on the spine and the next 1000 will have silver foil.

The books feature a street index, a map of the town and another map of Cayton Bay where the story begins. The opening pages feature scenes from the siege of Scarborough Castle in 1645, which connect to the main story, starting in 1983.

Alistair’s first signing is at Wardle and Jones on Bar Street in Scarborough

between 1pm and 5pm on October 17.

Then on Sunday October 18, more copies of the book will be sold at the

Pickering War Weekend. After that he said he will be arranging some more

appearances in the area and going to market at Whitby Gothic Weekend.

“Ultimately I’d like to see the books serialised for television, so I

have started to correspond with some film production companies,” he added.