Column: Tips on how to be hard up and happy

New columnist Amy Kelly.
New columnist Amy Kelly.

I should start by telling you a bit about me and what I do.

However, I don’t want to bore you with the usual facts, my age doesn’t matter, the fact I have a dog will not make any difference to you only me, as he is currently staring me out from the corner of the room, with those ‘feed me’ eyes that only Labrador’s have managed to perfect.

The younger members of Amy's family.

The younger members of Amy's family.

The fact I’m local could help, so yes I’m a Whitby lass.

I don’t suppose you will be interested in the ages and amount of children that frequent my house.

I brought three of them into the world and there are two that come once a week and pretend they like me because I feed them cookies and I’m married to their dad!

Okay that’s a joke, they’re all lovely children. From the teenage girl, right down to the (nearly terrible two) year old boy and all the others in between. So that’s me, mum/step-mum, wife and irresponsible dog owner.

I would love to share with you my tips on how to raise a happy family, or at least make it look that way on social media!

I managed to get married, throw birthday parties, lots of Christmases and generally have fun on a very low budget and am willing to share all this, so you too can be hard up and happy. I also say, you don’t have to be skint to be happy, rich people can be happy too!

So follow my column for plenty of ideas for your families to have a great time no matter what the bank balance.

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