Colin’s Column - Mine will bring huge benefits

Tourism is what keeps Whitby running these days – it provides jobs for local people in many outlets and is something to be cherished, even when you cant move for families searching for the 199 Steps.

As wonderful as tourism is though, it is not guaranteed forever, especially when the economy makes a downturn, people’s holidays are one of the first luxuries to go, this is why I think the proposed mine just outside of Whitby would be hugely beneficial to everyone.

Any new industry that is not tourism focused and that is bringing new jobs to Whitby is a good thing, having another option for work so local will be great for anyone looking for a job.

Working in tourism is not for everyone, and jobs that do not rely on the visitor numbers to Whitby remaining high are hard to come by – a new mine offers jobs year round, for all levels of qualification, and long term.

The lack of effective public transport and weak road links to Whitby has also meant that working away but residing in town is not often effective, making families move out of town for work, opening up the housing for the holiday cottage market, ensuring that future locals cannot buy, and past locals cannot move back.

More Whitby-based secure jobs makes sense for a lot of people who want to continue to live here, keeping families in Whitby.

Of course a mine still has to be built, hopefully this will happen fast, but it does have to be built in an area that many people will not approve of – will it be a blot on the landscape and will it affect tourism?

Only nine miles away is the mine at Boulby, I have never heard anyone say they would not visit the area because of it, and it has provided jobs for people for many years now, even diversifying into other industries in later years to keep itself open and running.

If the same is promised for Whitby then I believe it can only be a good thing. So I say yes to the mine, canaries at the ready!