Colin’s column - Making the most of autumn ...

So all of a sudden I’m cold, but I refuse to put that central heating on until at least one of my dogs has turned blue – where is my Indian Summer, this will just not do.

And to really stick the boot in, I have seen Christmas produce popping up in a number of big name bland stores – have we abandoned summer already?

I was hoping to get at least a few more weeks out of my shorts before I had to hide my award-winning legs from public view again.

Autumn has arrived it seems, a little early but we should make the most of it. It’s fine to do a bit of Christmas planning but let’s not get carried away – Autumn has so much to offer.

Hallowe’en and Goth Weekend are fast approaching on the horizon. One of my favourite things every year is when the town Christmas lights go up a week before Goth Weekend, they really add that touch of Christmas magic to the Hallowe’en event.

Surely with such a large event, that now is taken on by and includes the whole town, a little bit of planning to delay the Christmas lights until after Hallowe’en would be obvious – we could even give the Polar Bear a pair of fangs.

One thing I miss living in Whitby is a town Bonfire Night on November 5, why don’t we have one?

Can it really be that hard to organise, get a load of old fence wood (I have no idea where you might find that), build an effigy to top the stack – I can think of quite a few people to model it on, chuck on a match and throw a few sparklers up in the air and we’ve got ourselves a low season town event that would be enjoyable and that could benefit a number of local businesses.

So roll on Goth Weekend, let’s decorate this town right up and we can all benefit from the great atmosphere that now envelops the town over this once small event. And let’s see if we can get a Bonfire organised for November - we don’t need to be singing carols and pulling crackers just yet.