Colin’s column - let’s all get involved in Goth events

Rosie Rogers, Bonnie Gilhooly and Neve Hubbard''w131702r
Rosie Rogers, Bonnie Gilhooly and Neve Hubbard''w131702r

Decorating Whitby for Goth Weekend is even more fun than decorating for Christmas.

I love getting the pub ready – taking down the cobwebs and putting up fake cobwebs, clearing out all the ghoulish terrors and putting up terrifying ghouls, it’s such a different weekend to all the others and we can all be a part of it.

There are so many events right across town over Goth Weekend these days that really gives Whitby that little post-summer, pre Christmas lift that it needs – events that everyone can get involved with, which is good because there are so many types of Goth Weekend fashion these days, we need something for everyone.

Walking round Whitby this weekend is wonderful, I enjoy that so many people get dressed up that are not attending the Goth Weekend main event, it gives the town a real sense of inclusion, and means anyone can join in– it’s a great spectator sport too, one of my favourite things to do is spot the locals – they are the ones not batting an eyelid, while the day trippers wander around wondering what is going on.

One person once even asked me if it was just how Whitby people dressed?! I said yes of course.

There is no doubt that Whitby Goth Weekend continues to be a massive draw to spenders, and that the event itself is a great asset to Whitby. I wonder though why more of the town businesses do not get involved with the main event?

There must be ways to extend and make this weekend bigger and better year on year, I also heard that people are bussing into Whitby while staying in hotels in Scarborough – this seems odd when I know not all B & Bs and hotels close to Whitby are full.

Maybe we need to stick together on this one, if you’re full already then why not find out who isn’t and send guests their way, promoting each other – let’s ensure Whitby is full and buzzing before we send our trade to Scarborough.