Colin’s column: Crayons, blindfold ... and new parking plan

So finally it seemed that NYCC had comes to their senses about the whole zone parking jigsaw and were going to have a little rethink on how to approach parking in Whitby – then they got a new fresh lovely map, some crayons, a blindfold, and then just started drawing lines and lines and lines.

Instead of lettered zones there are different coloured lines, the locations of which would be difficult for even an elephant to remember, they are scattered across town in no particular order and all have different restrictions in place.

The most noticeable change is that the railway estate has been left outside of the green city walls, and has become the closest available free parking to the centre of town, meaning anyone in the whole world can park there for as long as they like.

Wasn’t the railway estate one of the areas of Whitby with the most parking problems in the first place?

Well now it is not included, and will become everybody’s first port of call when trying to park for free close to the town centre.

The same can be said for the east side, at least a few properties on the East Side of town will be eligible for parking permits, but judging from the location of the eligible properties, I expect most of them are Holiday Cottages anyway – even then they can’t actually use their permits on the East Side, it’s still a long trip trap over that bridge with your shopping when it’s blowing a gale.

Fortunately I do live inside the magic green bordered area, meaning I will be able to park my car wherever I can find a space, except along the west cliff which will be pay and display, oh and not on Flowergate or Skinner Street which will be one-hour parking only.

Parking my car wherever I can find a space is something I have always dreamt of in Whitby, but hang on, isn’t that what I can do right now?

Isn’t that what we can all do right now?