Colin’s Column: A footbridge and ‘locals lane’ please

Colin Stonehouse''w122222c
Colin Stonehouse''w122222c

Well that’s it. August Bank Holiday has been and gone, signalling the end of the summer holidays. No more midweek pushchair rage against my ankles, no more midweek traffic jams/bus congestion, no more roadworks, and no more discarded wet wipes everywhere ... until next weekend.

The end of the summer holidays always meant the end of the main Whitby season. But is that still the case?

This was the best summer weather we have had for a few years, but with good weather comes the half-naked tragedies I had to see walking around town every day, everywhere was always very busy – but we should learn from a few things and make sure we insist they are corrected before next summer to benefit everyone.

Make your own lists about what we need to do to improve our town ready for next summer.

I think a shirts on rule would be N0.2 on my list, right after bigger and more bins – bins that seagulls can’t get their scruffy little heads inside.

N0. 3 would be the insistence of a ‘locals lane,’ a bit like those Olympic lanes London had last year to move officials and athletes around the town quickly. It would certainly help with the walking rage when trying to get around Whitby centre.

Fourth on my list would be a pedestrian bridge across the river.

There isn’t a sound in the universe that makes me panic more than the sound of the bridge bell when you know you are too far away to make it across in time – do you try and run? Walk faster? or just give up and have a pint?

Number 5 would have to be no more inflatable people straddling the shoulders of party groups in town. It’s tacky and boring – oh yeah and no feather boas, and no pink cowboy hats!

The season is clearly not over for Whitby this year, September and October can be very busy months, Goth Weekend is on the horizon and approaching fast, although I’m not sure if allowances have been made for the hearses on the parking zone-athon? I’m looking forward to the Goths, but we’ll talk more about Goth weekend another time.

Colin Stonehouse