Coastguard teams called to dog stuck on cliff

The coastguard teams were called to Boggle Hole
The coastguard teams were called to Boggle Hole

Two coastguard teams were called when a scared dog got stuck on the cliffs at Boggle Hole.

Whitby and Ravenscar Coastguard Teams were called to the incident near Boggle Hole Youth Hostel at 12.48pm yesterday (Thursday August 24).

The dog climbed up from the beach but had become stuck and despite encouragement by her owner had failed to maker her own way down.

Despite efforts from the coastguard teams, the pooch evaded capture but after a combined effort and a lot of encouragement from her owner she finally made it down.

This is the second incident in two days after a dog had to be rescued by Ravenscar and Scarborough coastguard teams near Cloughton on Wednesday (August 23) afternoon.

A spokesperson for HM Coastguard rescue wants to remind owners and bystanders to such incidents not to put their lives at risk.

"Please be responsible and keep your dog on a lead near cliff edges or rough seas. In the event of anything happening to your animal, please do not endanger yourself by attempting rescue yourself instead call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety advice can be found on our website:

"Thanks and well done to all involved."