Cliff side rescue for teenage girls

two girls are winched to safety with help from the coastguard and RNLI
two girls are winched to safety with help from the coastguard and RNLI

TWO teenage girls had to be winched off the cliffs below Whitby Pavilion in a daring rescue attempt by coastguards.

The two friends, both aged 13, had been walking on the beach when they got cut off by an incoming rough sea and decided to climb up the cliffs on Saturday afternoon.

When they got to 30 feet high they realised they couldn’t get any higher and it was too slippy to attempt to come back down.

The lifeboat crew, three police officers and eight coastguard crew were involved in rescuing them from the cliff edge in what proved to be a tricky operation because of the location and how busy the Pavilion was.

Whitby’s coastguard team led by station officer Nathan Brown and assisted by Staithes coastguard had to tie their winch equipment to a concrete pillar and sent Rob Parkin down to the girls who were becoming cold and distressed.

They were both brought to the top of the cliff to an ambulance which was waiting to check them over on the Pavilion drive.

Mr Brown said: “They were a bit shook up but there was no physical harm. It was a good recovery in a very awkward position, it was very congested and there was nowhere to attach the equipment so we had to think outside the box.”

The rescue took about two hours and afterwards the police had a word with the parents of the girls from Billingham near Middlesbrough.