Clampdown on unsafe construction sites

WHITBY tourist destinations are soon to be under the spotlight as Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors visit the town.

In a week-long drive the inspectors will visit hotels, bed and breakfasts and entertainment venues where refurbishment or repair works are being carried out.

The unannounced visits will begin on 28 February, with inspectors checking to ensure correct safety measures are in place for those working at height and to check the site in general is in good order.

David Powell, principal inspector for construction for HSE in North Yorkshire, said: “This will be the fifth year that we have run the inspection initiative and we anticipate that we will see examples of good practice, where employers are taking the right steps to protect their workers, and bad, where safety comes too far down the list of priorities.”

Last year more than 140 workers were seriously injured while working on maintenance activities across North Yorkshire, and one worker was fatally injured.

The inspectors will also be checking that workers are not being exposed to asbestos.

Mr Powell added: “We will be asking if asbestos surveys have been done before refurbishment starts.

Many workers believe that because asbestos has been banned it is no longer a threat, but this is untrue.”

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