Church launches a £25,000 appeal

Rev Edwin Newlyn and church warden Michael Ash
Rev Edwin Newlyn and church warden Michael Ash

A MAJOR Whitby landmark is calling for help as it attempts to raise the funds to carry out vital maintenance.

The Church of St John the Evangelist on Brunswick Street has stood on the site since 1850 and the building’s original roof is finally beginning to show its age.

Rev Edwin Newlyn said: “We’ve got big plans for the building, but we can’t do anything until the building is watertight.

“Its leaking, so the water ingress has had plaster coming off the wall, and we’ve had surveys done.

“Every Church of England church has an inspection every five years and it’s as a result of the last two inspections that the problem has been highlighted.”

In order to repair the roof a sum of around £300,000 is required and, although previous fund-raising and a grant from the heritage lottery fund have raised a large amount, £25,000 still needs to be found.

Therefore, this weekend the church is opening its doors and hosting fund-raising events, including offering the opportunity for people to sponsor roof slates.

For anyone that buys a slate, they will receive a certificate and have their name etched onto it, where it can expect to remain for the next 150 years.

Rev Newlyn added: “£25,000 isn’t an awful lot but it’s always the last bit of any project that you struggle to achieve.

“Another thing which set us back was a few years ago we had to have the bell tower replaced, setting us back around £60,000.”

The church will be open on Sunday and Monday between noon and 4pm, but visitors are welcome to visit any time they see the church doors open.

For more information contact the parish office on (01947) 606578.