Chance call saves horse’s life

The horse has won awards for dressage but was due to be put down
The horse has won awards for dressage but was due to be put down

A CHANCE phone call saved the life of a prize-winning thoroughbred after her owner had succumbed to cancer.

Beedy has won prizes for dressage, but following owner Dianne Duke’s death, aged just 35, the horse became wilder, so a new buyer could not be found and the horse was due to be put down.

However, a chance conversation led to Norma and Dennis Carrick of Raw Animal Rescue stepping in and finding a new home for the animal.

The family of the cancer victim is now urging people to support the rescue centre which helped save the animal’s life.

Family friend Minty Steade was able to get the family in touch with Norma, and she said: “Dianne used to love that horse.

“When she was really ill her mother would even lead Beedy into the house and into her bedroom.

“After Dianne died, Heather had to find a new home for the horse or it was going to be put down, which would have been really difficult for the mother as the horse was a link to her daughter.

“But everyone that went to see the horse, it wouldn’t be friendly as it missed its owner.

“It was a million to one chance that I was talking to someone who knew Norma, who was able to find someone to rehome the horse.”

To repay Raw Animal Rescue, the family held a fund-raising day at the Military Adventure Park and Miniature Railway in Scarborough.

Minty added: “Everyone had a marvellous time and we’re hoping that people will donate to Raw Animal Rescue as it all came from that one chance call which saved Beedy’s life.”

To volunteer at Raw Animal Rescue or to make a donation call (01947) 880583.