Champion pet breeder told she is unfit to rehome stray kittens

Yvonne Barby from Roxby with her dog Dodger who has been turned down for homing at cat from the RSPCA despite being a champion pet owner''w132111c
Yvonne Barby from Roxby with her dog Dodger who has been turned down for homing at cat from the RSPCA despite being a champion pet owner''w132111c

A former pet beautician who has won hundreds of prizes for breeding animals has been told that she is an unsuitable candidate to adopt a pet from the RSPCA.

Yvonne Barber, of Roxby, contacted the animal charity last week when her own cat, named Tiger, went missing.

Yvonne explained that her Jack Russell named Dodger and Tiger’s kitten, Dinky, were fretting since she had gone missing, and so Yvonne decided to bring in another animal.

Yvonne said: “Dinky’s fretting like mad. She hasn’t eaten and she’s crying her eyes out. Even the dog’s fretting because he loved her.”

Yvonne contacted the local branch of the RSPCA, which recently said it had reached crisis point due to the number of unwanted and abandoned animals it had have in its care.

However, despite living on a farm in Roxby, Yvonne was told her home was unsuitable and she would not be allowed to adopt a cat.

Yvonne explained: “I said I always put them to bed in the barn at night because of the road, and she says ‘oh the barn? We can’t let you have a cat if she’s going to go in a barn’.

“The annoying thing is if I lived in a one bedroom flat where the cat was not allowed to go out and we overfed it until it was gross, we would be allowed to have one.

“I am disgusted with them, I really am.”

A former dog beautician, Yvonne has had great success breeding and looking after animals. She has won hundreds of awards with dogs, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, donkeys and even had the champion horse at the Cleveland Show one year.

In one day at Hinderwell Show she once won 22 awards.

“I’ve been with animals all my life and I spoil them all,” said Yvonne.

For example, she explained that Dodger the Jack Russell’s kennel cost over £1,000 and features fitted carpets, an armchair, an electric heater, double-glazed windows and a wardrobe full of coats.

The cats have an equally-cosy arrangement located in the former stable block, yet the RSPCA say Yvonne can not provide one of their animals with a safe home.

Two-and-a-half year old Tiger had a difficult start in life, with Yvonne discovering her dumped in a cardboard box on her doorstep one snowy November evening.

She has been missing since Saturday May 18. Yvonne said she realised the cats were missing when she attempted to secure them in the barn that evening. She said: “When I called them they would race to the barn to see who could get there first. They loved it and used to do it every night. Then when she was not there I thought, that’s odd. She’d just disappeared.

“I have cried and cried until I don’t think I can cry any more. The poor little thing, she had such a bad start in life, dumped in the snow, and now this.”

Although Tiger had not been found at the time of going to press, Yvonne was able to adopt another kitten to keep Dinky and Dodger company.

The kitten has been named Dandy, and Yvonne said: “It’s the most gorgeous little thing, it’s beautiful.”

If you find Tiger, contact the Whitby Gazette on (01947) 829904.