CeX would be a welcome addition for Whitby

Re: Frank Doyle's letter about compromises being made on the planned CeX shop.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 4:00 pm
The site of the proposed CeX shop in Baxtergate

I agree there will be a few objections to this as a lot of people object to a lot of things.

I appreciate people are entitled to their opinions and objections but this is silly.

Isn’t Yorkshire Trading, directly opposite, bright green?

Isn’t the British Heart Foundation charity shop the same colour as CeX plans to be?

Where’s the difference?

To me it’s petty – CeX would be a much welcomed addition to the town as where else can you buy DVDs, iPads, computer consoles and various other electronics?

It would also generate welcome job opportunities for locals.

I, for one, hope the shop opens very soon.

Leslie Brown

The Dracula Experience (also bright red painted business),

Marine Parade,