Centenary celebrations


ST OSWALD’S Church in Lythe was packed to the rafters on Sunday as the congregation met to celebrate the church’s centenary.

Over 130 people were joined by the Archbishop of York John Sentamu, who delivered a sermon, and church warden John Secker was delighted by the turnout.

He said: “We usually regard 20 as a good number on a Sunday.

“Seating wasn’t a problem, but the church was certainly full during the excellent sermon.”

The sermon was delivered by the Archbishop, whose arm was in a sling following a routine shoulder operation.

He talked to the congregation of justice and of the need for us all to be less concerned with material things.

The service also included a choir of local children performing and Mr Secker added: “Towards the end of it, the children went up front and sang a recessional hymn they had learned in Sunday school.”

After the service, the congregation walked into the village to watch the traditional firing of the stiddy, which was performed by Dr Sentamu with the aid of Lord Normanby.

John Secker thought it a great success: “It’s an old peculiar village tradition, reserved for special occasions such as the birth of the Marquis’ first son and the Queen’s jubilee.

“I’ve been here for almost 14 years and have only seen it three or four times.”

Following the firing of the stiddy, the congregation shared a faith lunch at the village hall.

“We were all in very good spirits and had a great time,” added Mr Secker.

On Monday the centenary celebrations were concluded by the children’s harvest festival service.

The entire Lythe Village School joined together with their families for the annual celebration of the harvest. This time the sermon was on the importance of sharing with others, both in Britain and in other countries.

The children once again took an active part in the festivities, in a drumming and singing session that John Secker described as “terrific”.