Cat believed to be stolen found 240 miles away

Connor and Hayley Fairbank reunited with their ragdoll cat Pierre''w132006a
Connor and Hayley Fairbank reunited with their ragdoll cat Pierre''w132006a

When a family’s beloved pet cat was feared stolen two weeks ago they never imagined they would be reunited with him 240 miles away from their home in Fylingthorpe.

But thanks to a kind-hearted Polish stranger who was allergic to cats, pedigree Ragdoll Pierre was rescued after he spotted him wandering near a busy by-pass in Hereford, Hertfordshire and took him in.

The intrepid feline is now back at home recovering from his ordeal with owners Hayley Fairbank, husband Danny and their son Connor (12).

Pierre, one of six cats owned by the family who run the Bramblewick in Robin Hood’s Bay, disappeared at the end of last month after he failed to come home for his tea.

Friends and family desperately searched for him and put up posters across the village, however despite several sightings of him in the area, he was not seen again.

Pierre was microchipped and was wearing a glitzy dog collar with Hayley’s mobile phone number on the tag.

Then, out of the blue Hayley’s mobile phone rang and what she first thought was a prank phone call turned out to be, the call she never thought she would receive saying Pierre was alive and well.

“We felt devastated when Pierre went missing, we didn’t know where he had gone.

“I came home really late on Bank Holiday Monday and the place had been packed. My mobile phone rang at 7.45pm and there was this Polish guy on the phone. He said ‘I’ve got your pussy’. I thought it was a prank call because of his poor English so I handed the phone over to my husband Danny.”

After explaining what had happened the couple discovered the cat was Pierre. “He was lovely bless him and had been feeding him, despite being allergic to cats.” added Hayley.

“We think he had been stolen but he was neutered so they wouldn’t have been able to breed from him so I think they just dumped him.

Hayley took the man’s name which she found out was Alex, and contacted police to verify his identity. Alex also texted her pictures of Pierre on his sofa which confirmed that Pierre was there.

“The next day, we set off at 2am in the morning, it took us four hours to reach Hereford.We thanked Alex, he wouldn’t take any money but we gave him £100. When he came down he had cat fur on him and he was sneezing. We never thought we would get him back. There were a lot of tears when he went missing.”

On the journey home the family called at MacDonalds and Pierre enjoyed some chicken nuggets.

“He was starving,” said Hayley. “He had steak and king prawns for his meal when we got home. We’d like to thank everyone for looking and searching for Pierre, I think we drove them mad. It’s a miracle he’s been found. It’s nice to have him back he’s never going out again.”