Cash raised for rescue boat

FOLK music and marmalade helped fund-raisers to contribute £1,000 towards the running cost of Runswick Bay rescue boat.

Nick and Christine Scaife live in Whitby but have been raising money for the rescue boat for the past sixteen years.

Runswick Bay has funded and run its own rescue boat since 1982 when a RNLI lifeboat was relocated away from the village. Running costs are around £8,000 a year and all the money is raised locally.

Nick and Christine recently held two events with folk musicians and friends from throughout Yorkshire and the North, one in the Friendship Rowing Club in Whitby and a second one in Runswick Bay.

Nick converted Seville oranges donated by greengrocer Billy Wilson into 100lbs of marmalade, selling it for £200 for the rescue boat fund.

Other donations were made by local business people including Joe Botham who gave a large quantity of corned beef for hash for the fundraising supper, John Masseralla and Barry Wilson.

The sum of £970 was raised by the events and the remainder to make the amount up to £1,000 was donated by Jan Duncan.

The boat is crewed and run by volunteers and anyone who would like to donate to its costs will find more information on