Car park closure latest obstacle to be placed on Whitby's economy

With great fanfare, the borough council has announced a successful bid to bring the Tour de Yorkshire back to Scarborough.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 10:06 am
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 12:16 pm
Endeavour Wharf is set to undergo repairs.

During its short life the Tour has always visited Scarborough.

Last year the borough council and its councillors allocated £150,000 from revenue which was raised from parking in the borough, which as we know would include Whitby.

This year I have yet to find out how much money will be spent on the Whitby taxpayers’ behalf to fund the Tour de Yorkshire in Scarborough, while for the second year Whitby is not included.

We have seen the successful opening of the Sirius park and ride this week, just as the town’s park and ride will be closed from November until March. No doubt Sirius will have paid the council handsomely for the facilities which include the running of the toilet block all winter.

As we draw to the end of the season we are getting ready for the Goth weekend, this year unlike others because of the date, the park and ride will be open for the use of visitors (you will remember a couple of years ago the park and ride was closed as it would have cost the council money to open it) so no money could have been allocated to fund the park and ride for the Goths in Whitby, but the borough can allocate money from parking to bid for the Tour de Yorkshire in Scarborough.

This year yet another obstacle is placed on the town’s economy, the closure of Endeavour Wharf car park.

Circa 100 spaces have been closed off and visitors have been advised to use the marina car park and park and ride.

I have contacted Whitby-elected Scarborough cabinet members and portfolio holder for parking in the borough asking what other provisions/plans have been put into place to offset the disruption.

I have only received a reply from the portfolio holder with responsibility for parking informing me he would discuss the situation with officers. He gave no other information on any plans in place.

Peter Croft