Captain Cook film to be shown for free in Whitby and Staithes

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A Timewatch documentary, Captain Cook: The Man behind the Legend, will be screened this weekend with free entrance to showings throughout Whitby and Staithes, courtesy of the BBC and The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Although the exploits of Captain Cook are well documented, much less is known about James Cook, the man

Presenter Vanessa Collingridge sets out on her own voyage of discovery, travelling in his footsteps to uncover the forces that drove him to success, and ultimately to his own death.

This film will be shown at the following venues during the Captain Cook Festival:

* The Coliseum, Whitby – today (Fri) only, showing hourly between 10am and 4pm – free.

* Whitby Pavilion – today, tomorrow and Sunday, 10am and 1pm, free entrance.

* Cook Museum , Whitby – today, tomorrow and Sunday, 2pm – free.

* Whitby Museum – today, tomorrow and Sunday, hourly between 11am and 3pm, free.

* Village Memorial Hall, Staithes – today, 7pm, free.

* St Peter’s , Staithes – tomorrow, 7pm, free.

In addition to the main film there will be screened a short, animated film produced by Kirsty Davis from Whitby, a recent graduate of Illustration with Animation from the Manchester School of Art.

Kirsty’s work is strongly influenced by the natural world, which led her to study Cook’s voyages. The animation has been made in the style of a visual journal accompanied by a narrative map of the journey itself. Between researching, illustrating and animating, Kirsty spent three months on the project. She said: “I hope my film will also give others an insight into his great journeys of discovery.”

The background music to her film was composed by Rob Martland, a composer and sound-designer who has worked with Channel 4, Aston Martin, Dior and Wired Magazine.