Campsite appeal dismissed

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AN APPEAL against an enforcement notice made by the North York Moors National Park planning authority regarding an unauthorised campsite at Normanby near Whitby was dismissed by a planning inspector.

The appeal was made by Robert J Kaye of Manor Farm, Normanby who had set up the campsite which included pitches for tents as well as ablution facilities, advertisements and directional signs on land designated for use for agriculture.

The enforcement notice was issued in October last year and a site visit was made by planning inspector Michael Hurley this March.

Manor Farm was described as consisting of pastoral fields and hedges situated on the main road between Whitby and Scarborough with farm buildings clustered around the access from the A171.

Mr Hurley said that when he visited the site there were no tents or ablution facilities evident and he saw nothing to indicate that the land was used as a campsite.

He said: “However, evidence is that during the season camping takes place on the northernmost part of the holding more than 250 metres from the site entrance.

“The land here slopes down to the north providing a fine prospect of the village of Hawsker, Whitby and the surrounding countryside including views of Whitby Abbey and the sea.”

He explained that national park policy allowed new camping sites only within woodland or forest where they would not harm the park’s special qualities.

The Manor Farm campsite would be close to a public footpath and would detract from the relatively unspoilt appearance of that part of the national park. It would also increase traffic hazard on the A171.