Campaign group drops legal attempt on potash decision

A campaign group has confirmed that it is not going to take legal action to try to thwart the construction of a potash mine within the North York Moors National Park.

The Campaign for National Parks made the announcement last week after taking legal advice and a detailed review of all the planning documentation.

It comes after the North York Moors National Park gave its official declaration of planning permission to York Potash for the multi-billion pound project at Sneatonthorpe.

The group had lodged objections to the mine project being situated within the national park because of the effect it would have on that landscape.

But, it has now conceded that while that opinion still stood, the National Park’s planning committee followed the correct process in coming to its decision.

Fiona Howie, Campaign for National Parks Chief Executive, said: “We remain hugely disappointed that this development was given approval and are convinced that development of this type and scale is not appropriate in a National Park.

“However, the only option available to us was judicial review.

“This would have been focused on challenging the process that has been undertaken, rather than the decision itself.

“The legal advice we received makes it clear that the National Park Authority, followed the process effectively.

“Having made this decision we will now focus our efforts on making sure this type of major development cannot be approved in National Parks in the future. “These landscapes are meant to be given the highest level of protection by our planning system.

“But this case makes it clear that these protections are simply not strong enough,” she added.