Calls for Green Lane bus

There are calls for bus services to be re-routed to serve Green Lane in Whitby town centre.

The last service for that area ceased around two years ago and residents have been asking for another.

The issue was raised at Whitby Town Council by member Rebecca Pearson who said she had given a lift up the hill to two elderly ladies who were struggling with bags of shopping in bad weather.

Her suggestion is for a 
re-route of one of the town centre services along Church Street to up Green Lane and come back down – even if just once a day.

She told the monthly meeting on Tuesday night: “This has been going on for a couple of months. Residents are not wanting a bus every 30 minutes or an hour.

“All they would like is a bus twice a day. They can make their way into town, do some shopping and know when the next bus is coming to take them home.

“Just after Christmas I picked up a couple of old ladies at the bottom of Green Lane. One was 81 and recently came out of hospital.

“It was raining, windy and cold and she was struggling to get up Green Lane.”

She was backed by fellow councillors and the authority is going to look into what services could be re-routed.

Cllr Philip Trumper said there was potential for making better use of the bus companies in that area of town.

He added: “There is great potential here for some kind of park and ride on the East side.

“MyBus or Arriva could stop from the Abbey car park and pick up passengers as it goes into town.”