Call to support toilet campaign

Sandsned Toilet closure.
Sandsned Toilet closure.

Lythe Parish Council is calling on local residents and regular visitors to help back the case to keep Sandsend toilets 
under borough control.

In line with a borough-wide proposal, the village’s two toilet facilities are being offered to the parish council to take on – or they face closure.

But local councillors say they have been put in an impossible position as they do not have the resources to take them on, and maintain and manage them for years to come.

It costs £20,000 per year to run the toilet facilities at Wits End and the foot of Raven Hill which are used by around 40,000 people a year.

Councillors say that it would mean putting up the parish precept sixfold for its 300 contributing households.

A spokesperson said: “It would be a millstone around the village’s neck.

“It is not just this year but in 10 years’ time and we know there will not be a massive housing estate built up the road that will increase the precept.

“We don’t feel it is our 
remit but are very concerned as we get a massive influx of tourists.”

The consultation ends on May 24 and people are asked to write to Paul Thompsom, Operations, Transport and Countryside Manager, Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, Scarborough, YO11 2HG or email