Caedmon College Whitby’s downhill dazzlers show peers how to carve up the ski slopes

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Caedmon College Whitby’s ski trippers have been showing their peers how to ‘carve-up’ the slopes and how to do the après ski – hot chocolate!

Students have had first class ski-ing conditions at the Salztburger Sportwelt ski resort and a warm welcome at Gasthof Muhlthaler, as well as the chance to try out some of their GCSE German.

However, evenings were time for some revision and exam prep – with the aim of arriving back in the UK with clear heads and focused minds for the weeks ahead.

Their IBT Travel instructors have been pushing them hard and everyone was making great progress from day one.

Confidence was growing and everyone was finding their “ski-legs”.

Students have learned new skills and created new memories – and these are the memories that will stay with them, long after they leave Caedmon College.

The college spokesman said: “Here at Whitby Sixth Form we want our students to have a wide and varied education – it’s not always about what you learn in the classroom.

“It’s about the young person you become and the life lessons you learn on the way.

“So here’s to more exciting and enriching experiences.”