Work to repair east pier extension

PREPARATION works for repairs to the east pier extension have started.

Contractor Volker Stevin put cabins on site last week along with a jack up barge which will be used as a platform while the works are carried out over the summer.

The remaining corroded piles will be repaired and a wall made from pre-cast reinforced concrete panels will be infilled with more concrete.

Works are expected to start anytime now and it is hoped the project can be finished by the end of August.

It first got underway in summer last year and repair work already completed includes cutting a trench in the seabed together with the installation of 10 of the 12 driven piles required.

The project is being funded by a grant from the Environment Agency, awarded in 2009, after studied revealed the existing structure was undermined at its’ south west and south east corners and the sheet piles around that end of the structure were severely corroded.

Martin Lloyd, Scarborough Borough Council’s Structural Engineer said: “While we appreciate that this work is being undertaken in the summer months, the disruption to residents, businesses and visitors will be minimal and the works are being carried out at this time to take advantage of the good weather and favourable sea conditions.

“If the works were to be delayed until the winter period they would take significantly longer and cost considerably more due to the inability to work in rough seas.”