Wind plan powers on

A WIND TURBINE is to be installed at Great Fryupdale despite objections from residents.

The application for a six kilowatt turbine measuring 13.96 metres in height was made by Mr and Mrs A. Thurlow of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and given the go-ahead by the North York Moors planning committee.

Residents who objected were concerned about its visual impact in an acknowledged beauty spot and the noise it would make.

They claimed that the acoustics in that part of the dale were acute and feared it would prove to be a significant intrusion into the tranquillity of the area as well as setting a precedent for others.

They asked for a simulated picture of how it would look from both the approach road and the far side of the dale.

The site of the proposed turbine is to the west of the hamlet of Street and to the head of the dale, west of Glaisdale Rigg.

Planning officers said that details submitted with the proposal recognised that the sound could be a nuisance to the applicant and to their neighbours but they pointed out that any renewable energy produced above the amount needed by the applicant would contribute towards the policy of the country moving to a low carbon economy.

The national park authority has dealt with a number of similar scale turbine applications case by case.

The officers considered there was scope for modest micro wind development at the site and that it was appropriate to the locality.

Although visible it would not have a detrimental impact on the character of that part of the national park due to its proximity to buildings and other nearby structures.

They pointed out that the main object of the application was to reduce the high energy demands that the property was burdened with in the remote area of Great Fryupdale.

The turbine would sit alongside solar panels recently installed under permitted development regime in the applicants’ attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.