WiFi network set up for Whitby harbour web users

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A Wi-Fi network has been installed at Whitby harbour for both regular users and visitors.

It went live this week following a successful trial.

The network is available free to all those who pay Harbour Dues and visiting vessels via a secure ‘log in’.

The system utilises the newly available fibre optic cable links to Whitby and initially will be able to cater for more than 200 simultaneous users and is easily expandable to cover future demand.

It also has the potential to provide a WiFi hotspot in the vicinity of the harbour for the use of the general public on a pay as you go basis.

Whitby Harbour Board appointed specialist contractor, Cyber Ware Ltd of Peterborough, to design and install a state of the art WiFi network, using its Cyberair service, to cover the whole of the harbour from the bandstand to the drying pontoon.

The specification required that the network must deliver high-speed access to the internet for mobile device users at a level better than 4G, which is not yet available in Whitby.

David Wall, Independent Member of Whitby Harbour Board, has led the project since its inception.

He said: “There is an expectation these days that working harbours should have WiFi. “Working with Cyber Ware has enabled us to provide a facility that meets and exceeds the WiFi offered in other harbours and we are confident it will be valued by visiting leisure and commercial vessels.

“While we are being sensible with the pace of the development of the facility, we are very excited about the opportunities available to us in the future for expanding the network capability and being able to offer more advanced services to the general public and local businesses.”