Whitby entrepreneur launches marketing company.

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A WHITBY entrepreneur has launched a new marketing communications agency.

Gemma Tordoff (25) has teamed up with Tim Ewins (24), originally from Somerset, to form The Copywriting People, an agency that will produce marketing communications such as web content, brochures, blogs, articles, sales letters and press releases.

Miss Tordoff said: “We began trading in 2010 on an ad-hoc basis and have since left our jobs to focus on The Copywriting People full time.

“We returned home after travelling to find that the jobs market had shrunk massively, so we started our own business instead.”

The Copywriting People was launched earlier this month and has since gained considerable interest from businesses across the country.

Recent clients have included Nottingham-based Scientific Laboratory Supplies ltd and RiverKids Project, a Singapore-based charity which helps protect children at risk of trafficking.

“Before we write anything we conduct a fact-finding interview with the clients over the phone or via email to learn about their business and marketing objectives,” added Gemma, “We don’t start writing until we know what makes their audience tick.

“We wanted to make sure each project is seen by two writers to ensure optimum quality levels.

“This way customers can expect more cost-effective marketing communications that still meet stringent agency standards.”

The Copywriting People can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and LinkedIn.

But they gain most of their business through the new website, www.TheCopywritingPeople.co.uk, which was designed and developed by another Whitby entrepreneur and owner of The Illustration Page, Katrina Page (25).