What is Whitby’s favourite pie?

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This week is national pie week,so to celebrate the occasion we took to the streets of Whitby to ask foodies the burning question ‘what is your favourite pie?’ and more importantly ‘savoury or sweet’.

Of the people asked savoury seemed to be preferable to sweet and steak and ale proved to be the most popular filling.

Lucy McClure and Sharon Hutchinson, both from Whitby opted for a savoury Steak and Ale.

Christine and Derek Gibson, who were visiting Whitby’s Humble Pie and Mash Shop from Salburn to celebrate the event, were already sweet enough going for savoury.

Christine chose Chicken and Cider and Derek liked the Mince and Onion.

Although the gents leaned more towards sweet as Dean Parkin,from Skelton, enjoys an apple pie and Jonathan Colman, from Guisborough, likes rhubarb pie, with custard.

To commemorate the week I decided to have a Steak and Ale pie, from Humble Pie, and thoroughly enjoyed it.