Way to calculate fuel costs

ARRIVA North East is reacting to soaring fuel prices by trying to helping people in Whitby and district work out how much money they could save on their journeys.

The bus company is ensuring that motorists can react to increasing petrol tariffs and parking charges by featuring a regularly updated fuel calculator, which compares the cost of travelling by car with bus journeys, on the arrivabus.co.uk website.

People have to enter a few basic details about their daily journey to find out how much they could save with a 4-Weekly Saver ticket. The fuel calculator also shows the difference in carbon emissions when a specific journey is taken by bus or car.

John Fozzard, marketing manager for Arriva North East, said: “With fuel costs rocketing, people can reduce their travel costs even more than usual by catching the bus and leaving the car at home.

“We believe our Fuel Calculator will work out significant savings for many people in North Yorkshire because buses offer great value for passengers travelling around the local area. There are no car parking charges and it’s much better for the environment.”

Petrol prices could reach 140p a litre if the fuel duty increase planned for April 1st goes ahead, resulting in the average family saloon costing £70 to fill up with fuel.

To use Arriva’s fuel calculator and to find out about timetable and ticket information please visit www.arrivabus.co.uk/fuel