Waste site should be returned to nature

Spital Bridge''w140317
Spital Bridge''w140317

A waste disposal site in Whitby is no longer fit for purpose and should be returned to its natural state, Whitby Town Council has argued.

A long-running feud has been taking place over the Spital Bridge rubbish tip after it was discovered the owner had allowed over 1,000 tonnes of waste to build up there.

The site is operated by the Scarborough firm Wharton and Sons.

However, with the company’s tenancy set to expire in February, town councillors have said the site is no longer fit for purpose as a rubbish dump.

Cllr Phil Trumper said: “The simple answer is don’t give any licences for waste disposal down there again. The idea of another tip in that area would be unbelievable to a lot of people who live down there and would be very angry.”

With increased residential developments in the area, such as the proposed conversion of the old Hoggarth lemonade factory, it has been suggested the land could be better used.

It also stands adjacent to Calla Beck, the only salt marsh along this stretch of coast line.

Cllr Sean Rixham-Smith appealed to the EA to stop the site from being used for waste. He said: “It’s a natural wetland down there, a site of natural interest. Please don’t let this happen again.”

The Environment Agency said the operator has been removing waste from the site.

“He hasn’t abandoned the site,” said the EA’s Susie Ashton.

“He is making an effort to move waste off the site, but not as quickly as we would like.”

In March last year an enforcement notice was served to the business, and Mrs Ashton said the Environment Agnecy is satisfied no more waste has been dumped since then.

She also responded to the criticisms of the town council that more had not been done to clear the area, adding: “I can understand the frustrations, but it’s not like we haven’t been going to the site. From your point of view you would like things to have happened quicker, and we would have liked that too.”