Ugglebarnby potash drill exceeds expectations

SIGNIFICANT potash reserves have been found at a second temporary drilling site near Ugglebarnby.

York Potash confirmed they had discovered “two thick seams of potentially high grade polyhalite”.

The results show an upper ‘shelf’ seam with a thickness of 37 metres of polyhalite and a second, deeper ‘basin’ seam with a thickness of 45 metres of polyhalite.

Data has now been sent off to the British Geological Survey for detailed chemical analysis and in the meantime the company will move to its third site at Raikes Lane where drilling has already been completed to approximately 700 metres.

Drilling at the Ugglebarnby site took longer than expected because of fluid loss zones but by way of apology York Potash has made a donation of £500 to the Eskdaleside-cum-Ugglebarnby Parish Council annual village show.

Chris Fraser, managing director and CEO of Sirius Minerals said the results were positive and exceeded expectations.

He said: “These latest results are undoubtedly very positive news and exceed our expectations on the amount of potash underground.

“But we are conscious that work has taken longer than expected at this site and we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents. It goes without saying that the site will now be returned to its original condition.

“We will continue to work as quickly as possible to complete the temporary exploration work. Once we have this information, alongside other data and the seismic studies we will be able to start looking into possible minehead locations and conducting consultation around any plans.

“Our aim remains to ensure that we pick a location that minimises our environmental and visual impact wherever possible.”