Town council calls for public meeting on potash proposal

WHITBY TOWN Council has called for a public meeting into the potash proposals after saying it can’t support the planning application as it stands because it feels it is being “rail-roaded”.

Councillors want more information and someone to attend a meeting who can answer all their questions after concerns remained unanswered at a meeting on Tuesday night.

One particular concern, shared by members of the public in attendance, was over how potash would be transported to the Teesside processing plant should the pipeline ever breakdown.

Although assurances were given that using road vehicles wasn’t an option at present the possibility couldn’t be ruled out.

It was also unclear how far away from the A171 the pipeline would be situated and whether it was soley potash that was being mined or polyhalite.

Councillors had been asked to back a statement of support for the project that has also been distributed to other town and parish councils.

But Coun Mike Murphy, who lives near the site at Sneaton, said: “I personally would vote against it as it stands because I don’t think we have sufficient information to make a measured response. They appear to not be giving us the information we require or have the answers we desire.

“I am not being negative or saying it should not happen but we need more details. I get the impression the company are trying to rail-road us by offering sweeteners that may not be forthcoming.”

Coun Ian Havelock added: “It requires very much closer consideration.

“Before we make a decision we need a meeting that is concerned wholly and solely with the planning application. A debate would be useful.”

The meeting will be on Tuesday 26 February.