Town council buries cemetery expansion idea

Whitby Town Council has expressed concern at the designation of land to be used as a burial site when the cemetery at Whitby reaches full capacity.

The borough council has suggested land near the Donkey Field on the east side as a potential future cemetery as well as green land near the Green Lane Centre.

But councillors at a meeting on Tuesday night agreed to reject the locations.

A letter will be drafted and sent back to the authority with a list of issues.

They include the fact that both sites are situated on a steep slope, are prone to drainage problems, are not suitable for use as a burial site, currently provide recreational facilities and may be at dispute in connection with a community asset transfer arrangement.

Cllr Amanda Smith said; “If the second part of land is to be included by the Green Lane Centre - that is family recreation and for youngsters and hopefully there is going to be an enhanced play area.

“It is not suitable or practical and I don’t believe it is in the best interests of Whitby either.”

Cllrs Ian Havelock and John Freeman said the water and rainfall would flow freely to houses and areas of land below causing more problems in addition to those the east side already has with drainage.

It was suggested that new manholes that had been created around Aelfleda Terrace would carry away much of the water and it was likely that the borough council were looking at these areas as they were already under council control and would not require purchasing.

Cllr Phil Trumper added: “We should remember that that area has been used for burials for many hundreds of years and is not just something that we should reject.”

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