The Apprentice: You’re Not Fired

Fishing School apprentice of the year award Craig Fussey
Fishing School apprentice of the year award Craig Fussey

ONE of Whitby Fishing School’s youngest recruits was named the apprentice of the year at an annual awards ceremony on Friday.

Craig Fussey applied to the school when he was just 15 and enrolled immediately after leaving school.

He began his year long apprenticeship in July last year completing certificates in English, Maths, Working with Others and Problem Solving, the four Seafish basic safety courses, Care of the Catch, his VHF radio licence and a Vessel Stability Awareness course.

In January Craig completed his Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment course followed by further modules – a two day Engine room Watchkeeping course and a one day Vessel Stability course.

This means he is just one course short of qualifying for the under 16.5m Skippers’ qualification.

After achieving his apprenticeship, Craig went into full time work for his skipper Ross Crookes fishing on the boat Jubilee Spirit.

Upon achieving his Apprenticeship, Craig went immediately into full time work for his Skipper Ross Crookes, fishing on the Jubilee Spirit.

Anne Hornigold, from the Fishing School said: “The school is looking forward to the day Craig becomes the Skipper of his own vessel and feel certain that he will achieve that goal.

“In fact, for the future, we expect to be looking to Craig to take at least one of our apprentices and offer him the same opportunity that he has been given.”