Superfast broadband is coming to Whitby

WHITBY is set to receive a broadband boost following the announcement that it is to be included in the Government’s plan to roll out superfast internet access across the country.

The £530 million of Government investment is part of a plan to give the UK the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015.

North Yorkshire County Councillor Carl Les said the availability of faster internet connections will enable local businesses to offer services such as remote working, putting them on a more level playing field with firms in major cities such as Leeds and London.

Video conferencing, online meetings and internet telephony are among the other advantages for employers, he said.

These facilities can help companies raise their productivity, cut accommodation costs and slash their carbon footprint.

As well as this, Mr Les insisted high-speed broadband offers numerous benefits to a “broad demographic” of regular consumers, adding: “Young people, for example, can access e-learning and a broader curriculum, often unavailable to remote, rural schools.

“It also enables technology to be used to monitor and provide care direct into individual homes, allowing people to stay independent for as long as possible.”