Stables stumps up for Ruswarp market champ

Will Young sold his champion beast to Ashley Lyth and Daniel Morley from The Stables, Crossbutts''w124804c
Will Young sold his champion beast to Ashley Lyth and Daniel Morley from The Stables, Crossbutts''w124804c
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THE best beast in the ring at Ruswarp’s Primestock Market – the most eagerly anticipated one before Christmas – was bought by a local restaurant and set a new record for the highest price paid.

The Stables Restaurant at Crossbutts successfully bid £3,284 for the 17 month-old champion bull put forward by renowned breeder, Will Young of Roxby.

Ruswarp Mart''w124804b

Ruswarp Mart''w124804b

A British Blue Steer it weighed in at 680 kilos and cost £4.80 per kilo after what was described as “spirited” bidding.

Daniel Morley and Ashley Lyth from the Stables went to the auction on Monday afternoon and bid for the bull on behalf of the family restaurant.

Later that afternoon, the beast was transported to Richard Horner’s at Kilburn to be slaughtered and prepared.

It is where all the meat for the restaurant is prepared and this year will help to feed the 150 people that are booked in for Christmas lunch.

Ruswarp Mart''w124804a

Ruswarp Mart''w124804a

For the last few years, Proudfoot’s supermarket in Scarborough has bid for the best bull but this year, owner of Stables, John Morley said he was determined to buy it and do his bit for the local farming community – which he says has been so good to him and his business over the years.

He told the Gazette: “I was really pleased to buy such a fine beast. Obviously I am a farmer and just really wanted to show my appreciation to the local farming community.

“They are so good to me and I would really like to thank them for their continued support for me and my family.

“Things have been so difficult with the weather situation and the prices going up and down, if ever there was a year to go and buy it, it was this year so I was very proud and pleased.”

Mr Morley says it is a well known fact he buys all his meat from Yorkshire but reserved praise for breeder Will Young who for many years has been the champion breeder.

Mr Morley added: “He should be very proud of himself. People don’t realise how much dedication it takes to bring an animal like that to the market.”

The judge on the day was Tim Laverack of Holme on Spalding Moor and he purchased the reserve champion for 289.5p – another British Blue steer, bred again by Mr Young.

In total at Ruswarp Market on Monday were: 88 cattle including eight bulls and 52 OTM’s, 375 sheep including 105 ewes.

Prize winners by class: Butchers Steer up to 575kgs – 1st R Young & Son, Roxby; Butchers Steer upto 575kgs & over – 1 R Young & Son, Roxby, 2 R Young & Son, Roxby.

Butchers Hfr 550kgs & over, 1 R Young & Son, Roxby, 2 R Young & Son, Roxby. Cont Young Bull up to 600kgs, 1 David Williamson, Fylingthorpe; Cont Young Bull 600kgs & over, 1 David Williamson, Fylingthorpe, 2 R & D Harland, Newton Mulgrave, Friesian Young Bull, 1 G, DC & MM Atkinson, Whitby, 2 R & D Harland, Newton Mulgrave, Butchers steer or Heifer any breed, any weight, home bred, 1 & 2 R Young & Son, Roxby, Beef type cow, 1 Gavin Stainthorpe, Whitby, 2 R Young & Son, Roxby. Friesian Cow, 1 S J & J E Welford, Egton, 2 GA, DC & MM Atkinson, Whitby, Champion & Reserve Champion R Young & Son, Roxby

Prices: Cattle: Steers: light to 254.5p Av. 214.5p, medium to 244.5p Av 209.5, heavy to 479.5 Av 298.5, Non Cont. to 149.5 Av 142.8p. Heifers medium to 257.5 Av 232.1, Heavy to 259.5 Av 243.5, non Cont. to 144.5 Av 136.8. Bulls medium – 193.5, heavy 219.5 av 209.5, non Cont to 159.5 Av 159.5p.

OTMS Cows – 30 – 72 months - Cont to 201.5 Av 150.5p, Non Cont to 139.5 Av 120.5p.OTMS over 72 months – Cont to 169.5 av 137.2, non Cont to 143.5 Av 106.4. Stock Bulls to 109.5. Overage Steers – to 184.5 Av 177. Sheep –standard £62.50 or 160.3, av 132.1, medium £67 or 152.6 av 145, heavy £69 or 141.7 av 140.2, overweights £80 or 137.7 av 131.9. Ewes – Suffolks to £85, Mule to £68, Scot to £55, Swale to £57, Stock Tups to £83.

Top Prices: Lambs per kg – C Welford, Roxby 160.3 to A Bennison, Hutton Mulgrave

Lambs per head – M Peirson, Sleights £80 to Cleveland Meats, Stockton. Ewes: Broxa Farms, Scarborough £85 to C Barker, Brompton.